Victim in the middle! AKA the knee

After receiving a request to post a video on the knee on my youtube channel, I thought I would comment on a common theme in knee injuries.  To understand dysfunctions in the knee we first have to understand how the knee is made.  First and foremost the knee is a hinge joint.  Meaning just like a hinge on a door it likes to move primarily in one plane being forward and backward.  The knee is happy moving as a hinge joint but degenerates and suffers injuries when asked to move side to side or rotate.

So… since the knee can’t significantly move side to side or rotate on it’s own because of how the bones are made then what introduces pathological motion of rotation and side to side movement?  Well, it’s not the knee that’s doing it.

The knee is RARELY the problem with knee problems.

Look to the neighbors of the knee.  The foot and hip.  The foot and hip have the ability to greatly move side to side and rotate.  Could the foot be making the knee move side to side too much?  YES.  Could the hip be making the knee move side to side too much?  YES.  Could the hip and foot be working to destroy the knee?  YES.  Can the knee create these motions by itself?  No.

Quit blaming the knee while it’s screaming for help and look at the neighbors above and below.