Unhealthy Client Paradigms leading to Professional Paralysis

In addressing pain throughout my time as a movement professional I have ran into ‘professional paralysis’ countless times.  Being thwarted in my suggestions toward movement and exercise with the common response of ‘oh that hurts’, or, ‘I am going to pay for this tomorrow’.

In addressing these pitfalls I find it essential to transfer ownership to the client/patient.  I feel as though a large part of ‘professional paralysis’ stems from the paradigm that it is the role of the provider to ‘fix’ the person.  If you are seeking help for chronic pain, the bitter pill to swallow yet less disappointing paradigm to operate from, is that ‘no one can fix you’.

The good news is that ‘you can fix you‘.  The ‘fix’ happens from the inside out as with all ‘fixes’ in the body.  The path is not easy, oftentimes does not make sense, strategies will fail many times, but you will not see results by being a passenger in this car.

As a movement professional I have to be flexible often initially allowing for self-selection strategies with loose guidelines about the type of movement that I am after.  Developing this ownership and vestment into treatment begins to help break this unhealthy idea of ‘I am here for you to fix me’.

You CAN exercise.  No matter your pain state you CAN do something.  Are you falling victim to cyclical arguments that ENABLE being a ‘passenger’ along for the ride? “I can’t walk it hurts my back…” how about exercising your arms?  “I have a shoulder problem”  well how about working your ankles a bit “well I’ll try but I have a busy schedule”.

Be careful of the often caring but toxic enabling partner.  “I wouldn’t do that if I were you…” they’ll say.  “Oh, let me get that for you…” will be the response.  I have even heard the divine enabling partner, “God doesn’t give me more than I can handle”.  Continuing the cycle of being a ‘passenger’ in the chronic pain journey.

Checks for introspection…  Is this me?

  1. I am waiting for someone to ‘fix me’
  2. Cyclical arguments  that enable no change in behavior
  3. Enabling relationships

Western medicine essentially offers 3 options of intervention.  Needles, knives, and pills all utilized in the hopes of facilitating the body to HEAL ITSELF.  Your body by adulthood has been estimated by some accounts to have up to 100 trillion cells, which make up specialized tissues, which make up specialized organs, which make up organ systems, which combined create us as an organism.  This wonderfully complex system is awaiting the orders of one ‘owner’ namely you to get in the ‘drivers seat’ and direct the outcome of your current challenge.

You are in control.  You have the power to make change.  Empower yourself with knowledge and action.