Total knee replacement and foot type. Through the lens of function.

I recently had the privilege to work with a person that presented with a dysfunctional foot type.  It looked similar to this…Image result for valgus knee flat feet


I was able to work with this person because an Orthopedic Surgeon performed a procedure entitled a ‘Total Knee Replacement’ on them secondary to complaints of knee pain and knee osteoarthritis.

This individual suffered from significant constant swelling past the expected duration, following a total knee replacement.  They also repeatedly complained of constant and high levels of knee pain at the ‘inside of the knee’.   Upon inquiry the individual stated ‘the surgeon never looked at my foot, why would he?’


Image result for valgus knee flat feet

When tested on a table, the new knee performed very well appearing well aligned and demonstrating good mobility through bending and straightening.  When standing everything changed.  The toes turned out while the arch collapsed thus pulling the talus in thus pulling the tibia in creating a lateral angle at the knee.


Please consider the interconnectedness of the body and motion segments.  Search for an opinion from a trusted movement professional that considers function, and/or the interconnectedness of the entire body.  A foot problem will lead to a knee problem.  If the foot problem is not addressed, the knee will continue to present with problems.  This is true throughout the entire body during movement and locomotion.

Medically this individual was offered 2 options to address their complaints.  Pain pills, and aspiration.

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