Tennis elbow? But I don’t play tennis… radial nerve entrapment

Since this site is dedicated to preserving, enhancing, and restoring movement we should also think about more than muscle and bone.  I guess it’s best to present this in story form.

After many elbow specific treatments and interventions, person “X” continued to struggle with elbow pain diagnosed as ‘Tennis Elbow’.  They later relayed a ‘breakthrough’ stretch.  ‘Person X’ demonstrated this stretch that appeared quite different to the conventional stretches they were provided by their medical professional.

This stretch looked something like this…Image result for radial nerve stretch

Thinking about the structures involved I wondered why did they feel the need to move the neck and involve the shoulder?  Tennis elbow from a muscular standpoint involves wrist and elbow muscles.  So why the neck and shoulder?  What travels like this?


In a previous posting examining how many systems and structures are involved in our movement, it begged the question what system/structure is being biased with ‘Person X’s’ stretch.


Introducing the radial nerve.  Person X’s stretch most resembled a radial nerve tension moment.  After performing several of these stretches, symptoms would reduce implying that a restriction in nerve motion was present.

After sleuthing out an entrapment site and integrating the thoracic spine to reduce elbow stress the elbow was able to heal.  Person X revealed how movement involves more than muscle and bone.