Stretch to Shorten: The Kinetic Coil

Stretch precedes shorten.  This is how our body works in locomotion.  In 3 planes the body creates length just as a rubber band is lengthened before it is able to ‘fire’.  During locomotion and any functional task we should be able to see the torso

‘winding up’ the stretch, often times with the limbs driving the movement.  Think of walking, throwing, running, jumping…  As you become more aware of movement you are able to appreciate the cunning design that allows for the stretch before shorten principle.  Overuse injuries are often breakdowns in the synergism that is the ‘kinetic coil’.  I see movement as fluid envisioning the torso as a coil that stores and produces energy when ‘stretched’ before ‘shortened’.  Think about grandpa dancing…he’s all limbs!  No wonder his shoulders and knees hurt.


First picture:  Torso winding up like a spring or coil = synergy

Second picture:  All limbs and no torso = overuse injuries

Appreciating the ‘stretch to shorten’ kinetic coil.