Secret ingredient for fall prevention

The title of this article is in reference to an often overlooked aspect considering fall prevention.  The focus of this post is POWER.  Power = force x velocity.  Velocity in reference to the speed at which you are moving.  Power is essential in fall prevention by quickly recovering from a perturbation, or balance challenge.  If I trip stepping over a curb, my center of gravity (torso) will quickly travel in front of my base of support thus precipitating a fall.  Unless I can quickly recover and move my leg in front of my center of gravity I will fall.  Thus my leg must move quicker than my torso as I try to recover from the perturbation.  An essential component to fall prevention is the speed at which you can move.  Being able to orient your ‘center of gravity’ over your ‘base of support’ is essential to maintaining balance.  It is a necessity that speed is present, or the ability to move quickly, in order to orient the base of support under your center of gravity, aka your legs under your torso.

So when you are attempting to address balance please integrate speed as a variable in exercise selection

Good Luck and more to come!