Pool Exercises: Pressure inhibits pain

Whats the difference between exercising in water vs. out of water?  Most people will point to buoyancy.  For example when water is at waist height 50% body weight is removed from limbs submerged.  When water is at chest height approximately 75% of body weight is removed from submerged limbs/torso.

So why do people say, Ahhhh!  When initially immersing in water?  Possibly pressure.

  1.  COMPRESSION INHIBITS PAIN!! Hydrostatic pressure

A study entitled “Nonpainful wide-area compression inhibits experimental pain”, found that compression inhibited pain in a clinical setting.

How much compression does water provide?  At around 3 feet of freshwater depth, pressure will equate to approximately 75mmHg.  What does this compare to?  A medical class 3 compression garment is measured between 40-50 mmHg.

Do you hurt on rainy days?  The Barometric pressure difference from record high to record low was 75mmHg.  This low pressure pain can be offset by hydrostatic pressure in a freshwater depth ~3 feet.

So take some weight off of those painful regions by getting in your local pool and experience the freedom of buoyancy and pain inhibition to improve, restore, and preserve your  mobility!