Neuropathy, Heel raises, and return of sensation?

In the past I remember seeing an elderly woman walking with her daughter for assistance.  The daughter did not want anyone to ‘overwork’ her mother.  On the other hand, the elderly woman wanted to ‘feel like I’m getting a good workout’.  So when the daughter would run errands, the Mother would work out with increased intensity.  Part of the elderly woman’s exercises included heel raises and standing on the balls of her feet for 10 seconds throughout the day.  Within a couple of weeks she returned with an unusual report.

‘I can feel my feet working’.  Literally tears in her eyes she expounded that she was informed by her Primary Care Physician that the loss of sensation in her feet from ‘neuropathy’ had no available intervention that would help to regain sensation.

Long story short, I was surprised that exercise could do this.  Then I thought, well why wouldn’t exercise and movement help.  I am continually amazed and impacted at how something as simple as movement can be such a powerful and nourishing stimulus for healing in the days when we feel as though we need pills to facilitate this response.  I am not saying that exercise will cure neuropathy, but merely relaying this subjective report that provides further weight for the argument of movement and exercise.