Healing time and chronic pain.

Often I hear individuals suffering from pain lasting > 1 year seeking a ‘fix’ from a healthcare provider.  It is good to know of some general time spans for musculoskeletal healing to better understand possibly if exercise may be harmful or worth the discomfort.

Generally bone takes 6 weeks to form a callus whereby a person can perform some form of exercises and weight bearing.

Tendon generally takes 8 weeks.

Ligament generally takes 12 weeks.  As I have seen orders from surgeons to initiate straight line jogging 3 months after anterior cruciate repair <strength permitting>.

So if you have been hurting > 1 year, chances are time has allowed compromised tissue to mend.  So why the continued pain?

-Possibly never providing the tissue with correct nourishment to encourage healing. i.e. MOVEMENT (bone needs weight bearing, disc needs compression/distraction, tendon likes moderate tension along line of orientation, etc.)

-Possibly the tissue or region in question is moving too much.

-Possibly the nervous system has become hyper-vigilant.

This post is only meant to provide enough information to warrant further exploration along these lines.  Good things to ponder.

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