Exercises for better golf swing. Insights from a newborn.

I arrived at a gym one day seeing a friend sitting on a machine that appeared to be making him do the splits.  I inquired, ‘Hey pal, what are you working on?’  Hey replied ‘oh doing some exercises I read about to improve my golf game’…

What if I started the story over and he was instead doing push ups, or sit ups, or pull ups, would it make any more sense?  Maybe, but think about this.  If we want a surefire blueprint on how exercises can translate into skill acquisition there is no better resource than looking at the process of how a baby works to gain the ability to walk.

Babies want to walk.  They prove that they want to walk by working like heck to stand on their feet.  After they are able to stand on their feet, they are pulling themselves up all of the time until the finally master the ability to walk around.

After achieving the basics of walking do they then begin to lie down again in order to get better at walking?

Why do we think that we need to do that?  Golf exercises should look like playing golf to some degree.  Fixed feet, neck rotation, torso rotation, hip rotation, arm swing, etc.  The further we move away from looking like the task that we are after, the less our body understands what we are asking from it.  I try to think of that now when I watch people purposefully exercise.  I feel like I should be able to say, ‘Yeah that looks like Golf’.

If interested the progression of a baby to walking a.k.a. gross motor milestones follow.

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