Exercise for weight loss MYTH!

Quite often I have spoken with individuals seeking weight loss through exercise.  A common opinion is that weight loss is as simple as ‘calories in vs calories out’, or in other words if I work hard enough I can efficiently lose body fat.    I have heard countless times the statement ‘I can’t lose body fat because it hurts to move’.  As a result I have experienced individuals becoming demoralized with exercise and pursuit of weight loss.  The idea that exercise is the most efficient means to address weight loss is WRONG.



The most efficient means to lose body fat is through diet.  The anecdotal expression in bodybuilding is that ‘cutting’ body fat is (80% diet, 20% exercise).  Diet is more complicated than ‘calories in vs calories out’.  No diet approach to reducing body fat is efficient unless it emphasizes minimizing sugar intake.

Every pound of body weight reduced reduces stress on the knee by 3 pounds.  A distended abdomen from belly fat (greater omentum) often causes the lumbar spine to compensate by extending thus limiting space for the nerve roots (pinched nerves).  Countless musculoskeletal maladies are efficiently addressed through pursuit and maintenance of a healthy body weight.

Body weight management is essential to help preserve, enhance, and restore mobility!