Best friend to the low back!

The hip can be one of the most powerful allies in helping out the low back.  The hip is one of the most mobile joints in the body allowing for a great amount of motion forward/backward, side to side, and with rotation.  The low back as in a previously posted video is made primarily for forward/backward motion.  The hip can help bear the burden of motion for side to side and with rotation.  When the hip becomes stiff it then becomes the enemy of the low back by stealing motion from the low back causing dysfunction.  Check out the latest video!

Considerations for strength and conditioning the preadolescent athlete SOCCER

Just finished a powerpoint presentation addressing coaching, training, or conditioning the young athlete (ages 5-12).  A couple of slides bias this presentation toward the sport of Soccer, but implications are applicable across the board.  Free for download without audio by clicking the following ====> youthsoccer

Or you could visit the presentation with audio commentary on my youtube channel by clicking HERE

Hope you enjoy the information I provide and continue to be patient as I find time to build information regarding strategies to preserve, enhance, and restore movement!  Thanks!

Low Back and Core exercises in the Aquatic Setting

Just Published the latest video to include a number of low back and core exercises in the pool.

Low Backs love the water with less compression, load, and strain. Get some ideas from my recent video and post any questions you may have. When in doubt check with your Physician or Medical Professional to ensure that the exercises are appropriate for your health and benefit.

Products featured in the video may be found by clicking the following links if interested:

Aquatic Dumbbell:
Water Paddles:
Weight Belt:
Aqua Shoes:

Thanks and Keep Moving!

Aquatic Exercises for the Hip!!!

Hey all just posting to let you know I finished producing a compilation of hip exercises in the aquatic setting.

Hope you enjoy.  I included mobility and strength exercises as well as speed work to address forward/backward, side to side, and rotation movements.  All of the planes of motion available to the hip in just one video!

Ball and Socket Joint (Hip joint).svg