Motion primes muscle!

New video on how motion primes muscle.  Basic principle in function that is often overlooked in the exercise world.  You cannot jump up without first ‘jumping down’.  Try to see what your vertical jump is with straight legs.  Same with kicking or throwing.  You will notice the trend of motion priming muscle in all function.  So if you want to jump higher but have a stiff ankle, want to throw better but cannot rotate through your thoracic spine then…ain’t gonna happen.

In the works

Just finished shooting footage of a compilation of exercises for the low back.  Low back exercises are also in the pool for now.  Nothing quite as nourishing to a painful low back as what the reduction in compression can do while in the water.  Will post a link when done editing!  Thanks!

Discogenic Pain.png

Hello World!

This entire project is in hopes of sharing complex information in a simple manner.  If I error on the side of simplicity then I apologize but it is my intent to empower the everyday individual with principles concerning movement in the body.  I hope to continue to build a content rich site sharing education to preserve, enhance, and restore mobility.  If you haven’t visited my video collection please check out my youtube channel by clicking <here>.   Thanks for visiting and exercising patience while this project continues to build and develop.