The interconnectedness of the kinetic chain!

The hip is the knee.  The knee is the ankle.

The hip consists of a ball and socket.  The ball is formed on the bone called ‘the femur’.  The femur also forms the top bone of the knee joint.  Therefore, any hip pathology or conversely knee pathology, will directly affect each other.  In the same sense, the lower portion of the knee joint bone called, ‘the tibia’ joins at it’s furthest portion to create the ankle joint.  Therefore issues in the ankle create knee issues because the ankle is the knee.  Issues in the hip create knee problems because the hip is the knee.  Knee pain diagnosis under the microscope i.e. MRI of the knee is ‘missing the forest for the trees’ when considering function and interconnectedness of the kinetic chain.  The ankle drives the knee because it is the knee.  The hip drives the knee because it is the knee.

Seek advice from movement professionals who have the understanding to view the kinetic chain to help sleuth the ‘problem’